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My Story

Welcome to EmpoweRED InspiRED PrepaRED!

I grew up in Northwest Indiana with hunters and firearms in the home. In 2013 my family moved to San Antonio where I found my love for all things firearms and the different types of self defense training. I obtained my License to Carry Permit in 2017, Range Safety Officer Certification in 2018 and Firearm Instructor Certification in 2020. I am also certified in Situational Awareness and Stop the Bleed, and have continued to train and be trained in countless courses on both lethal and less lethal self defense. I am passionate about educating individuals, especially women, on their role in their own personal safety and the

safety of their loved ones, whether they choose to carry a firearm or other less lethal self protection tools. I am the Leader of the San Antonio Armed Women of America Chapter and a member of the Northwest San Antonio A Girl and A Gun Chapter. In 2024 I started EmpoweRED, InspiRED PrepaRED LLC, a self defense education business that teaches students how to take responsibility for their own self protection through Situational Awareness.

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